World Record – 200,000,000th Bernoulli Number

by Pavel Holoborodko on July 17, 2012

Recently we have improved our previous record by a factor of 2. This time we have computed 200,000,000th Bernoulli number (the previous world record was the 110,000,000th).

We have used the same program of David Harvey and hardware. Computation took ~ 79 days.

The final result, B_{200\,000\,000} occupies 1.5GB in uncompressed, textual format. In its very shortened form:

    \[ B_{200\,000\,000} = \displaystyle{-\frac{3369394027155030175\dots38089741093921539129}{394815332706046542049668428841497001870}} \]

Contact us if you are interested in downloading all of the digits of the B_{200\,000\,000}.

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