Shows information on toolbox version, license and its major components.



The mp.Info function displays detailed information on multiprecision toolbox version, platform and license status. Besides it shows details on major components used in toolbox – open source libraries. This information can be very helpful in solving incompatibility issues, fixing bug, etc. Please send it along with bug reports.


>> mp.Info()
Multiprecision Computing Toolbox, (c) 2008-2012 Advanpix LLC.
Version :  3.3.2 Build 2448
Platform:  32-bit (Win32)
Release :  2012-5-24
Trial version. Valid until 2012-6-7
Open Source Libraries Acknowledgements:
MPIR      2.5.0      C Library for Multiple Precision Integers and Rationals.
MPFR      3.2.0-dev  C Library for Multiple-Precision computations with correct Rounding.
MPC       1.0.0dev   C Library for the Arithmetic of Complex numbers based on MPFR.
Eigen     3.0.92     C++ template library for linear algebra.
Nika      1.1.0      C++ template library for numerical mathematics.
Boost     1.49.0     Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.
KISS FFT  1.2.9      Simple and efficient mixed-radix Fast Fourier Transform library.